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Soleau is an innovator of educational, non-violent strategy, logic, and arcade games that give
hours of fun challenge and enjoyment. Each game is carefully designed with varying levels of difficulty
so that new users can quickly master a game's objectives and then progress at their own speed to the
more detailed complexities and strategies of each game.


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Space Walk Game
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Download Space Walk Game

SPACE WALK is an exciting animated logic strategy game. Based on our popular original DOS game Mice Men and our Windows Quarry game, the objective is to push space station platforms up or down in order to get your funny animated Space Kids to the other side of the Galaxy Space Station before your computer opponent can. They sit, wave, flip, they sleep and do many other animated things as you match wits against your opponent. Space Walk is strategy logic puzzle for all ages.
Windows Download
3445 kb spacewalk.zip Req: 98/XP/Vista/Win7
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Hard Hat II Game
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Download Hard Hat II Game

HARD HAT II is a brand new sequel to our popular Hard Hat game. Now 50 more mind-bending construction puzzles! Using the various object around him, help Hard Hat reach his lunchbox in each of these clever puzzle. To get you started there is a demonstration puzzle included or you can see the solution for yourself with a click of a button. Hard Hat II is a true puzzle solver's delight!
Windows Download
4095 kb hardhat2.zip Req: 98/XP/Vista/Win7
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Ant Run Pro Game
Screen Shot

Download Ant Run Pro Game

ANT RUN PRO is a fast paced arcade game where your goal is to keep the ant running through the ant tunnels. You only have 8 seconds before the ant will emerge from the starting hole and begin racing through the tunnels. Your goal is to choose one of the many shaped passageways, connect it, and keep one step ahead of the ant so that he never reaches a dead end. Filled with special bonus grids and other obstacles, gain extra points in your quest to move onto the next level. Packed with features and educational ant facts, Ant Run Pro is arcade strategy fun for all.
Windows Download
2050 kb antpro.zip Req: 98/XP/Vista/Win7
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Forest Freddy Game
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Download Freddy's Forest Game

FREDDY'S FOREST is a real brain twister. Help Freddy figure out a way to capture the elusive butterfly in each of the 50 complicated forest puzzles. Careful planning and problem solving skills are put to the test as you use the various objects around you to solve each puzzle level. A demonstration puzzle is included to get you started or you can see the solution for yourself with a click of a button. Freddy's Forest is a puzzler's delight. Are you up to the challenge?
Windows Download 3897 kb forest.zip Req: 98/XP/Vista/Win7 Order Games Securely Online

Bingo Buddies Pro Game
Screen Shot

Download Bingo Buddies Pro Game

BINGO BUDDIES PRO is the sequel to our popular Bingo Buddies Game. Once again you start out playing against your three Bingo Buddies in order to accumulate cash for your bankroll. Now you can travel to nine exciting destination like Paris, Rome or even China to play different types of bingo with well over 50 unique game patterns. Can you make the top ten all time Bingo Jackpot Scoreboard? Bingo Buddies Pro is for all Bingo lovers young and old! * Newly Recompiled 2012 - v.2.0 *
Windows Download 6060 kb bingopro.zip Req: 98/XP/Vista/Win7 Order Games Securely Online

Isle Wars Pro Game
Screen Shot

Download Isle Wars Pro Game

ISLE WARS PRO is a strategy arcade conquest game in which you try to control all the islands on the game board. Isle Wars is a game where the outcome is affected by events such as floods, rebellions, earthquakes and much more. Play against the computer or your family and friends in this highly addictive game. No two games are ever the same so the challenges and strategies you'll face are always new. A twist on a classic!
Windows Download
4264 kb islepro.zip Req: 98/XP/Vista/Win7
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Oilcap Pro Game
Screen Shot

Download Oilcap Pro Game

OILCAP PRO is a challenging arcade game where the objective is to put down pipe links to control the flow of the onrushing oil. Keep the oil flowing through the pipes for as long as possible by carefully planning out where to place the different shaped pipes. Gain extra points for bonus links, oilrigs, oil holes and more as you try to reach the 10 top high scores. Oilcap is fast paced action and excitement for the whole family. If you want a game that is positively addicting... then this game is a must!
Windows Download 2470 kb oilpro31.zip Req: 98/XP/Vista/Win7 Order Games Securely Online

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