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Soleau Software is an innovator of educational, non-violent strategy, logic, and arcade games that give hours of fun
challenge and enjoyment. Each game is carefully designed with varying levels of difficulty so that new users can quickly
master a game's objectives and then progress at their own speed to the more detailed complexities
and strategies of each game.


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All classic DOS games are now only $8 apiece

Ordering Info.

These DOS games WILL NOT run on Vista or Win. 7. All DOS and 16Bit programs are not compatible with the Vista.
However, there is a program called DOSBOX which may allow you to play these old DOS games on Vista. You can download it here.

There is also an add on to DosBox called DosShell which makes it easier to run the programs without having to type in DOS prompts.

These old DOS games from Soleau Software require EGA/VGA graphics. If you are experiencing scrambled text when running some of these older DOS games then click here. Scrambled Text

When unzipping the download .zip file make sure to create a new folder to unzip all the files into.

  ANT RUN v3.0 (DOS) 151KB Order Game Securely Online
  Antrun is a race against the clock as you use your mouse to rotate tunnels for the ant to run through. Quick thinking is required to keep the Ant scurrying through the Ant Hill passageways. Gain extra points for bonus tunnels in your quest for the Top Ten Scores. Filled with Educational Ant Facts and packed with features, Ant Run is an addictive and challenging game for all.

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  ALPHAMAN v1.1 (DOS) 126KB Order Game Securely Online
  Alphaman is a pure logic game where you push your letter blocks into the proper places on the game board to solve each of the mind-bending word puzzles. The game is packed with features and comes with the solutions to the first few to get you started. It is simple to play, but not so easy to solve. Alpha Man is a puzzler’s delight for the whole family to enjoy.
  BALLOON CHALLENGE 2.0 (DOS) 110KB Order Game Securely Online
  Balloon Challenge is a logic, arcade game in which you launch all 5 of your air balloons into a sky maze filled with many different obstacles. Play against the computer as you try to avoid planes, hurricanes and more as you acquire points the higher you get your balloons into the sky. Use your balloons to block your opponent in your quest for the highest scores.
  BLIND WARS v1.1 (DOS) 151KB Order Game Securely Online
  Blind Wars is a strategy war game where the object is to conquer all the cities on the game board. The challenge is that you cannot see the strength of your opposing armies. Filled with unexpected elements, the game situations are always unpredictable. Blind Wars is packed with features and allows you to play against the computer or your friends.
  BLOCK MAN I v1.0 (DOS) 96KB Order Game Securely Online
  Block-Man is a commoner in Bentangle who is madly in love with King Triangulos’ daughter. The King’s masons built over 20 rooms in a manner that requires great ingenuity to get out of them. Manipulating the blocks in each room leads to the doors. Brilliantly devised by the King to find a worthy husband for his daughter, help Block-Man reach his true love!
  BLOCK MAN II v1.0 (DOS) 220KB Order Game Securely Online
  The Block Man II adventures continue as he tries to prove his worth to Princess Pentagwin and gain her hand by collecting all the jewels scattered about the countryside. Great ingenuity is required to solve these mind-bending puzzles using teleports, elevators, boats, blocks and much more. Block Man II has great sound blaster support, solutions and smooth scrolling VGA graphics!
  BOLO ADVENTURES I v3.0 (DOS) 157KB Order Game Securely Online
  Bolo Adventures is a mind-boggling strategy game where the objective is to get Mr. Bolo out of 40 rooms of puzzles. Each room is filled with obstacles such as monsters, lasers, electric grills and more! Bolo Adventures is not a contest of how fast you can acquire carpal tunnel syndrome by hammering on the keyboard, it is a pure test of your resourcefulness.
  BOLO ADVENTURES III v2.1 (DOS) 133KB Order Game Securely Online
  The puzzles in Bolo Adventures III are the most difficult yet! Once again Mr. Bolo uses balls, water, ramps and more... to figure out how to exit each room. Packed with features and all the solutions, this one's a real brain twister! Are you up to the challenge?
  BOLO BALL v2.2 (DOS) 113KB Order Game Securely Online
  Play against the computer in this strategy marble maze arcade game. Your objective is to get your marbles to the bottom of a maze filled with ramps, walls, black holes and much more. Block your opponent by pushing your marbles into strategic positions to stop him from doing the same to you. Bolo Ball is fun for all ages and very addictive!
  CRUSHER v3.2 (DOS) 138KB Order Game Securely Online
  Crusher is an adventure, arcade and strategy game all in one. Explore 25 different rooms searching for different objects. Avoid monsters, grab oxygen, blast through walls, rescue beautiful women and much more! Crusher is fun for the entire family. No two games are ever the same, so Crusher provides a constant challenge every time you play.
  CRUSHER CASTLE II v2.2 (DOS) 140KB Order Game Securely Online
  In Crusher Castle II your objective is to escape from a haunted castle of 25 rooms filled with ghosts, maps, secret passageways and much more. Try to escape the castle while avoiding the roaming ghosts who will stop at nothing to catch you. No two games are ever the same. The game comes packed with features and even offers hints. Do you have what it takes to escape the castle?
  DOTSO v1.1 (DOS) 114KB Order Game Securely Online
  Dotso plays like Connect the Dots, yet new twists reshape this old classic game. Play against the computer or a friend in your quest to capture as many squares as possible by drawing lines to create four sides of a box. Each time you play, a different game board is created, so no two games are ever the same! Multiple difficulty levels for the whole family to play!
  FACETREX v2.0 (DOS) 146KB Order Game Securely Online
  FaceTrex is a challenging and pure strategy logic game where the objective is to use your animated man to push faces located on a 12x8 grid board onto their negative image located elsewhere. All the solutions are provided for the 40 mind-bending puzzles. A real challenge!!!
  ISLE WARS v3.1 (DOS) 216KB Order Game Securely Online
  Isle Wars is a similar to the classic strategy war conquering game, but with many new twists like revolts, earthquakes, production centers and much more! Your objective is to conquer all the islands with your armies before your computer opponents can. All ages will love this exciting strategy game.

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  LADDER MAN III v1.1 (DOS) 175KB Order Game Securely Online
  Help Ladder Man collect all the light bulbs in each of the 30 puzzle rooms and then try to reach the elusive doorway. Use Ladder Man’s ladder to reach objects like TNT, boats, balloons and crates, while avoiding deadly lasers and dangerous water hazards. You must literally try to construct his escape. If you become stumped, check out the included solutions.
  LOADER LARRY v1.2 (DOS) 150KB Order Game Securely Online
  Larry Lontrose is a part-time dock loader. He is very ambitious and wants to be promoted up the corporate ladder. By solving the 40 mind-bending puzzle rooms, you can help Larry fulfill his dreams. Each room has objects like boxes, balloons, TNT and much more! Use these objects and avoid others, to reach the door in each room to complete a level.
  MICE MAZE v1.2 (DOS) 212KB Order Game Securely Online
  Mice Maze is a challenging adventure arcade game where the objective is to find and rescue your friend the red mouse located in a maze of 36 tunnel rooms. Grab cheese for strength, TNT to blast trough walls and more in your quest to save your friend. No two games are ever the same.
  MICE MEN v2.2 (DOS) 134KB Order Game Securely Online
  Mice Men is a funny animated strategy game where the objective is to push and pull columns of cheese blocks to get your mice to the other side of the board before your friend or computer opponent beats you to the punch. The funny animated mice will entertain you, but you'll need strategy to win this one!
  MICE MOVES v1.1 (DOS) 133KB Order Game Securely Online
  Mice Moves has you maneuvering your funny, animated mice to the other side of the board in a battle of strategy and pure logic fun. Move your mice by using your referee mouse to push your players into strategic positions to block your friend or computer opponent from reaching your side of the board. A challenging logic game with fun mice animation.
  NUMLO v1.0 (DOS) 107KB Order Game Securely Online
  Numlo is a twist on the classic game of Othello. Instead of one opponent, you now play against two! The expanded 12x12 grid also contains varying point values which add to your score. Any accomplished Othello player will have to learn new strategies in this challenging and unique puzzle game. Packed with features and multiple difficulty levels, Numlo is fun for the whole family.
  OILCAP v7.1 (DOS) 141KB Order Game Securely Online
  Oilcap pits you against the clock as you try to contain the gushing oil by creating a series of passages to control its flow. Quick thinking and fast reflexes are essential in order to stay ahead of the onrushing oil. Strategy is required to correctly place the oddly shaped links to keep the oil flowing as long as possible. Oilcap is a 4-star game—a challenge for all!

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  PLIX v1.0 (DOS) 115KB Order Game Securely Online
  Plix is an addicting puzzle game in which you try to slide different patterned tiles onto their respective negative image at the bottom of the game board. The tiles slide in the direction you push them until they either hit another tile or the side of the game board. Each of the 50 mind-bending puzzles has at least one solution. Acquire points for each tile properly placed.
  QUATO v2.1 (DOS) 244KB Order Game Securely Online
  Quato is another unique educational strategy word game for all ages. The objective is to push letter tiles on a 5x5 game grid to spell as many words as you can within 3:00 minutes. Your words are instantly checked against Quato’s 80,000 word master dictionary. The game is easy to play and fast paced offering endless hours of entertainment for young and old.
  RAKU MASTER v1.1 (DOS) 117KB Order Game Securely Online
  Raku Master is a pure logic game that puts all serious puzzle lovers to the test. The object of the game is to flip all the red tiles back to gray in as few moves as possible, either diagonally, up or down, starting at any tile. Raku Master tells you the number of moves in which he can solve the puzzle or can show you. Raku is a challenging test of your problem solving abilities
  ROBIX v1.1 (DOS) 106KB Order Game Securely Online
  The objective of Robix is to get your colored blocks to the bottom of the game board by pushing entire rows either left or right. Players take turns shifting the rows allowing their blocks to descend, while trying to block their opponent’s efforts to do the same. Robix features many options and allows you to play against the computer or against a friend.
  ROCK MAN v1.3 (DOS) 209KB Order Game Securely Online
  Rock Man is a new challenging logic strategy game. You must help Mr. Rock Man collect all the rare colored moths flying around each of the 35 mountain puzzles. Use ropes, pick axes and other objects in your quest to solve each of these unique mind-bending logic puzzles. Watch out for avalanches and lava rocks , they could be hazardous to your health. Solutions are provided! * Nominated by Ziff-Davis Shareware Awards as one of the Best Arcade Games for 1995 *
  SEA RUN v1.0 (DOS) 169KB Order Game Securely Online
  In Sea Run, maneuver your ship through treacherous waters by rotating the wind direction arrows. Use quick thinking and fast reflexes to keep the boat sailing through and around whirlpools, whales, islands and much more. Gain points for reaching treasure chests and other objects as you try for the Top Ten Scores in this 30 level game filled with boat facts.
  SPIDER RUN v2.1 (DOS) 148KB Order Game Securely Online
  Spider Run is the sequel to our hit game Ant Run. This time you rotate the web strands to keep your spider moving as long as possible. Grab stray flies that get caught in the web for extra points as you try to reach the top ten high scores. Spider Run is filled with educational spiders facts as well!
  SQUAREX v1.2 (DOS) 134KB Order Game Securely Online
  Squarex is an exciting fast paced game where you maneuver your yellow cube around a puzzle board capturing grids by traveling all 4 sides. Watch out for the red cubes chasing you as you try to complete all 50 levels of these mind-bending mazes.

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  TAXI RUN v1.0 (DOS) 311KB Order Game Securely Online
  Taxi Run has you racing against the clock picking up and dropping off passengers in this exciting arcade game. The strategy is to keep your taxi on the move by rotating road sections with the click of your mouse. The smooth scrolling graphics and a mouse interface make Taxi Run a challenge for both young and old. Can you beat the heat of New York traffic?
  WALL PIPE v2.2 (DOS) 129KB Order Game Securely Online
  Wall Pipe is the sequel to our DOS game, Oilcap. Race against the clock as you try to place down pipes in an effort to keep the water flowing as long as possible. Gain extra points for connecting tubs, sinks and more. A fast pace, a lot of strategy and planning are needed to reach the higher levels. Many surprises await you as you try for the Top Ten High Scores.
  WORDLE v1.2 (DOS) 245KB Order Game Securely Online
  Wordle is a word puzzle game that is both educational and addictive! On the game board, there are 25 random letters on a 5x5 grid. The objective is to spell as many words as you can by using the letters on the grid that are adjacent to each other. Your words are checked against Wordle’s 80,000 word master dictionary. The game is addicting!
  WORDMAX v1.1 (DOS) 283KB Order Game Securely Online
  WordMax is another Soleau Software logic Word Game. The objective is to spell as many words as you can using letters from a master word. Your entries are checked against a full dictionary of over 80,000 words. WordMax is packed with features like adding custom words and dictionary options, along with up to 8 personal scorecards. It’s addicting, educational and fun for the entire family.

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