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Welcome to our online ordering option. Because we care about security and service
we use Share*it (Digital River), Inc one of the largest and most respected online
merchants to host our web store. With a valid credit card, you can order your
product(s) through their SECURE servers and receive instructions and an unlocking
code for the game(s) by e-mail in about 3 minutes

Before ordering these older DOS games, make sure that you have the Shareware version already installed
on your computer and that it runs properly. If the Shareware version does not run, then the
full version won't either. These are 8 bit DOS games which will not run on some versions of XP.
They WILL NOT run newer computers using Windows Vista or Later. DO NOT order
these games unless you have them already running on your computer.


Remember, you download and install the games from our website and when you order the games from
Share-it (Digital River), you will be sent the unlocking codes only. You do not download anything from the store.

If you're uncomfortable ordering online then order over the phone at (212) 721-2361


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Our Purchase Online Service is hosted by Share*it (Digital River)
The Customer Care Center offers FAQs, order information and customer service contact information.
If you have any problems with this service, please contact
Customer Service Here


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