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Frequently Asked Questions

  Q: I purchased a game and have a question or am having trouble with the Online Store
  A: Our Purchase Online Service is hosted by Share*it (Digital River)
The Customer Care Center offers FAQs, order information and
customer service contact information. If you have any problems with this service, please contact Customer Service Here
  Q: I purchased the game and have a unlock code number, but how do I use it to unlock the game? (Windows)
  A: Load the demo (shareware) version of the game and click on the Quit button to get to the closing screen just before your exit the game. (It has pictures of credit cards on it) At this screen press the $ (dollar sign) key on your keyboard (Shift+4) This brings up the special registration screen. (Note: For old DOS games you first must press the (U)pgrade key then press the $ key, to bring up the registration key)
  Q:  When I load a Windows game in XP I get a error message that says I need at least 3MB of virtual ram. I have plenty of virtual memory, how do I fix this?
  A:  Some of the older Windows games need to you to set the virtual memory manually. To do this go the your Control Panel and click on System. Click the Advanced Tab. Click on the Settings tab for Performance. Click the Advanced tab. Where it says Virtual Memory click the Change tab and Select Custom Size and set it to 4000. Click Ok.
  Q: When running some of the Soleau DOS games under Windows I get scrambled text?
  A: The scrambled text is a result of the newer video cards not supporting the old 8x14 VGA font. Most manufactures have patches that will fix the problem. For more information click here: Scrambled Text.
  Q: I've received the upgrade instructions, however, when I enter the upgrade code I get a Windows file IO error message?
  A: This error is due 99% of the time to the fact that you have not installed the game to your harddisk and are playing it off a CD-ROM. Since the upgrade procedure needs to write a file to the disk, it cannot do so to a CD-ROM. Therefore make sure you have installed the game onto your harddisk before upgrading the game.
  Q: I have downloaded the file to my harddrive but I cannot find it?
  A: When downloading a file the browser will ask you where you want to save the file to. Take note of the default directory where the game is. For AOL users the file is usually put in the AOL \ DOWNLOAD folder. TIP: You can always search for the file by clicking on the START button / then FIND / then Files and Folders. If for example the program was Squark, you could type in SQUA*.* and it would locate the file.
  Q: I have downloaded the Zip file but when I click on it, I am asked which program I want to open it with?
  A: Files that are downloaded off the Internet are usually in a compressed format to make them smaller and faster to download. You need an unzipping utility to uncompress the files to install them. If you are using Windows, one of the best unzipping utilities is WinZip. You can get it here: .
If you have questions about a particular game, then email

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