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Power PC+ / System 7.5 or better / 32 Megs RAM
The Macintosh games are in Stuffit/MacBinary format.

If you don't have Stuffit then get it here Aladdin Systems.

Make sure these older Macintosh games run on your system before buying them. They run in classic mode if you have OX9 or more.

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Akeyan Enigma Duffer Dave Juxto Runes
Ant Run Pro Flaps Keno Buddies Score A Million
Axium Adv. Freddy's Forest Node Jumper Score A Million II
Beetle Run Frog Hop NumZum Squark
Bingo Buddies Gem Jam Oilcap Pro Thesaurus Tangle
Bingo Buddies Pro Isle Wars Pro Quarry Topic Tangle
Crate Man Jungle Jean Rollem Wall-Up
Desk Drop   Ronnie's Resort WordMix

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AKEYAN ENIGMA v2.0 (Mac) 2637 kb Download Akeyan Enigma Screen Shot and Information
AKEYAN ENIGMA is a mind-bending puzzle solving game. The Akeyan empire mysteriously vanished from the face of the earth leaving behind ten temples filled with strange cryptic tablets. Each temple was made up of a series of four chambers with a hidden fifth chamber. The secrets to this chamber could not be discovered until all the tablets had been collected from the four surrounding chambers. Once collected, the rock blocking the doorway can be pushed aside allowing you to escape from the chamber. Can you solve these 50 enigmas?
 ANT RUN PRO v1.0 (Mac) 2112kb Download Ant Run Pro Screen Shot and Information
ANT RUN PRO is a fast paced arcade game where your goal is to keep the ant running through the ant tunnels. You only have 8 seconds before the ant will emerge from the starting hole and begin racing through the tunnels. Your goal is to choose one of the many shaped passageways, connect it, and keep one step ahead of the ant so that he never reaches a dead end. Filled with special bonus grids and other obstacles, gain extra points in your quest to move onto the next level. Packed features and educational ant facts, Ant Run Pro is arcade strategy fun for all.
 AXIUM ADVENTURES v1.0a 1198kb Download Axium Adventures Screen Shot and Information
AXIUM ADVENTURES is a pure strategy, logic and problem solving game. The year is 2143 and you have been sent by the planet Earth to the Axium galaxy to discover and solve the 50 puzzles which were created by another race hundreds of years earlier. Using meteor balls, crates, transport holes and other objects, you must avoid the force fields and reach the control panel located in each puzzle to solve these enigmas. The solutions are provided if you need help. A great thinking game for all. Can you solve all the Axium puzzles?
BEETLE RUN v2.2a (Mac) 1257kb Download Beetle Run Screen Shot and Information
BEETLE RUN is Soleau Software's exciting arcade hit based on it's popular award winning DOS game 'Ant Run'. This windows version is a race against the clock as you rotate paths for the beetle to run across. Quick thinking and fast reflexes are required to keep the beetle scurrying across the leaf board. Gain extra points for bonus grids and other items as you try for the Top Ten High Scores. Beetle Run has sound card support, beautiful SVGA animation and is filled with educational beetle facts. It's Soleau Software's most addictive game yet! Fun for the whole family.
 BINGO BUDDIES v1.1 (Mac) 2579kb Download Bingo Buddies Screen Shot and Information
BINGO BUDDIES is a fun way to enjoy Bingo by yourself or with the entire family. Your objective is to first play against your three Bingo Buddies in order to accumulate some cash for your bankroll in order to play in other locations. In the Bingo Buddies room you only play your three Bingo Buddies who only have one card each. However, you can play up to three cards and have a 50% chance of winning. Great odds here and it will not take you long to win and have the choice to travel to the other locations where you play against more people and have bigger jackpots. Bingo Buddies is fun for all!
BINGO BUDDIES PRO v1.0 4215kb Download Bingo Buddies Pro Screen Shot and Information
BINGO BUDDIES PRO is the sequel to our popular Bingo Buddies Game. Once again you start out playing against your three Bingo Buddies in order to accumulate cash for your bankroll. Now you can travel to nine exciting destination like Paris, Rome or even China to play different types of bingo with well over 50 unique game patterns. Can you make the top ten all time Bingo Jackpot Scoreboard? Bingo Buddies Pro is for all Bingo lovers young and old!
CRATE MAN 2.0 (Mac) 2339kb Download Crate Man Screen Shot and Information
CRATE MAN is a logic strategy puzzle solving game. Fifty red crates containing the lost treasures of King Kalaporus have been discovered in the warehouses of B.B. Billings & Sons. A worker named Curtis the Crate Man must reach the red crates in each puzzle room. Using ingenuity and problem solving skills, can you help Curtis recover all 50 treasures? A demonstration puzzle and all the solutions are provided. A puzzler's delight!
DESK DROP v1.0a (Mac) 1073kb Download Desk Drop Screen Shot and Information
DESK DROP is a fast paced arcade game where the objective is to match up three similar tiles by moving and rotating them vertically as they drop from the top of the game board. Quick thinking and strategy is a must to gain high scores. The game is both addictive and fun for all ages. The top ten scoreboard records the Desk Drop Champions. Are you up to the challenge?
DUFFER DAVE v1.0 (Mac) 3095kb Download Duffer Dave Screen Shot and Information
Duffer Dave is a pure strategy problem solving game. Help Duffer Dave reach the bucket of practice golf balls in each of the 50 challenging puzzles. Using crates, gopher holes, balls and other objects, you must avoid the holographic sandtrap lasers and reach the bucket of golf balls to solve these puzzles. The solutions are provided if you need help. A mind-bending challenge for all problem solvers.
FLAPS v1.2a (Mac) 1105kb Download Flaps Screen Shot and Information
FLAPS is a fast paced arcade marble game where the objective is to use flaps to guide the falling marbles into their proper slots at the bottom of the game board. Strategy and quick thinking are a must in this addictive new game from Soleau Software. Flaps comes with a host of options and offers 25 exciting levels of play. This game is a must for those who like challenges! Are you a Master Flapper?
FREDDY'S FOREST v1.0 (Mac) 3835kb Download Freddy's Forest Screen Shot and Information
FREDDY'S FOREST is a real brain twister. Help Freddy figure out a way to capture the elusive butterfly in each of the 50 complicated forest puzzles. Careful planning and problem solving skills are put to the test as you use the various objects around you to solve each puzzle level. A demonstration puzzle is included to get you started or you can see the solution for yourself with a click of a button. Freddy's Forest is a puzzler's delight. Are you up to the challenge?
FROG HOP v1.1a (Mac) 1271kb Download Frog Hop Screen Shot and Information
FROG HOP will have you on the edge of your seat as you try to keep your frog jumping from one lily pad to the other. You rotate the floating lily pads by clicking on them with your mouse to direct the frog across the pond. Gain extra points if your frog can reach special bonus pads, stray insects that fly onto the game board and much more! Strategic planning and fast reflexes are a must in this exciting fast paced addictive game featuring 30 levels of play. Great fun for all.
GEM JAM v1.0 (Mac) 1088kb Download Gem Jam Screen Shot and Information
GEM JAM is a three way logic strategy game in which your objective is to get your colored gems to the bottom of the board before your computer opponents (or friends) can. You move the rows of crystals right or left to advance your colored gems while strategically blocking your enemies. With various levels of difficulty and game length, Gem Jam is pure logic fun that can be played by all
ISLE WARS PRO v1.0 (Mac) 4397kb Download Isle Wars Pro Screen Shot and Information
ISLE WARS PRO is a strategy arcade conquest game in which you try to control all the islands on the game board. Isle Wars is a game where the outcome is affected by events such as floods, rebellions, earthquakes and much more. Play against the computer or your family and friends in this highly addictive game. No two games are ever the same so the challenges and strategies you'll face are always new. A twist on a classic!
JUNGLE JEAN v1.0 (Mac) 3465kb Download Jungle Jean Screen Shot and Information
JUNGLE JEAN is another logic puzzler. Your objective is to help Jungle Jean reach the trapped chimpanzee in each of the 50 challenging puzzle rooms. Using the various objects around her, she must use her ingenuity and problem solving skills to rescue the chimpanzee. A demonstration puzzle is included to get you started or you can see the solution for yourself with a click of a button. Jungle Jean is animated puzzle solving fun for the whole family. Can you help Jungle Jean rescue the chimps in all the puzzles?
JUXTO v1.1b (Mac) 1579kb Download Juxto Screen Shot and Information
JUXTO is a game of pure skill and logic. Your objective is to correctly push the different colored objects into their respective wire frames at the bottom of the game board. Careful planning is required because the objects will continue to slide in the direction pushed until they hit either the side of the game board or another object. Can you solve all these mind-bending puzzles? Juxto pushes your problem solving abilities to the limit. The solutions are included if you need help. Are you up to the challenge? Fun for All!
KENO BUDDIES v1.1 (Mac) 6879kb Download Keno Buddies Screen Shot and Information
KENO BUDDIES is a fun way to enjoy Keno with your two virtual Keno buddies. The game of keno uses 80 balls numbered 1 thru 80. In each game the house draws 20 balls at random and your objective is to guess some of the the numbers that will be drawn. Payouts for each game are determined by the numbers of balls guessed correctly against the numbers selected. Travel to 9 exotic locations with different types of games like Powerball, Wild Ball and Keno 21. The game is packed with features and contains many funny buddy comments too. Can you beat your Keno Buddies?
NODE JUMPER v1.0 (Mac) 3707kb Download Node Jumper Screen Shot and Information
NODE JUMPER is an addictive space arcade game where your objective is to clear the galaxy grids of all space meteors. Avoid the dreaded Electron Emulsifiers who are intent on stopping you from completing your task. Inventory and objects include three lives per Mission, Force Fields, Transformers and Wormholes. There are eight challenging Missions consisting of five unique grid levels that will keep you entertained for hours. Are you up for the challenge to become a master Node Jumper?
NUMZUM v1.0 (Mac) 1845kb Download NumZum Screen Shot and Information
NUMZUM is a pure strategy logic board game where the objective is to remove game pieces with values ranging from 15 to -9. You can only select a game piece that is in the high-lighted row or column. Careful planning and strategy is required to have the most points at the end of the game. There are 4 different game boards with separate scores to keep track of your best wins against the computer. Easy to play but difficult to win !
OILCAP PRO v2.0a (Mac) 1139kb Download Oilcap Pro Screen Shot and Information
OILCAP PRO is a challenging arcade game where the objective is to put down pipe links to control the flow of the onrushing oil. Keep the oil flowing through the pipes for as long as possible by carefully planning out where to place the different shaped pipes. Gain extra points for bonus links, oilrigs, oil holes and more as you try to reach the 10 top high scores. Oilcap is fast paced action and excitement for the whole family. If you want a game that is positively addicting... then this game is a must!
QUARRY v2.2c (Mac) 1231kb Download Quarry Screen Shot and Information
QUARRY is based on Soleau Software's popular DOS game called Mice Men. The objective is to push columns of rocks up or down in order to get your team of little animated men to the other side of the quarry before your computer opponent (or friend) can. Logic and strategy are a must in this challenging and funny SVGA game packed with options, sound card support and stunning 256 color graphics! A fun game for all ages.
ROLLEM v2.0a (Mac) 1048kb Download Rollem Screen Shot and Information
ROLLEM is a strategy marble arcade game where the objective is to push your marbles to the bottom of the maze. You play against the computer or a friend in your quest to gain the most points by getting your marbles further into the maze game board. Strategy is a must as you try to block your opponent by rotating the arrow blocks within the maze. Rollem is based on our popular DOS game 'BOLOBALL'. It is packed with features and has several difficulty levels so the whole family can enjoy this fun strategy game.
RONNIE'S RESORT v2.2a (Mac) 1322kb Download Ronnie's Resort Screen Shot and Information
RONNIE'S RESORT is a mind-bending puzzle game where the objective is to get Ronnie from the hotel to the beach. Using various objects like beach balls, trampolines, chairs, shuffleboards and much more, he must use his logic skills and creativity to solve each of the 30 puzzles. Animated graphics and funny Ronnie dialogue and sounds make this game a must for gamers who like using their brain instead of their reflexes. If you need help, a special Demo Puzzle and all the solutions are provided at the touch of a key. Are you up for the challenge?
RUNES v1.2a (Mac) 1087kb Download Oracle of Runes Screen Shot and Information
RUNES is a true brain twister for those who love solving logic puzzles. Marcus Flavius is a Roman scholar who has been sent by the Senate of Rome to discover the secret of the Oracle of Runes. To accomplish this, Marcus must solve each of the perplexing puzzles that make up this ancient mythical enigma. Marcus's task is to reach the doorway in each puzzle by strategically lifting and stacking the marble blocks that are strewn about each room. All the solutions are included at the touch of a key if you need help. Can you solve all the puzzles A through Z? The Oracle of Runes is animated puzzle fun for both young and old!
SCORE A MILLION v1.05 3947 kb Download Score A Million Screen Shot and Information
SCORE A MILLION is a trivia strategy game that will test your general knowledge as you answer a series of increasingly difficult questions over five levels of play in your quest to complete all levels of the game and Score A Million. With 1,000ís of questions in 12 different categories, you will be entertained for hours on end. Match your wits or get the whole family involved in head to head competition in this family friendly game of knowledge and trivia.
SCORE A MILLION II v1.0 4308 kb Download Score A Million II Sequel Screen Shot and Information
SCORE A MILLION II is the sequel to our very popular award-winning original Score A Million trivia game. This sequel has 1,000ís of new questions, and now it has 14 different categories like Food & Beverage, Business & Industry, Popular Music and many more. Play head to head against your friends or try for your own personal best score. If you liked the original Score A Million then you'll love this sequel of our most popular game!
SQUARK v1.3a (Mac) 1074 kb Download Squark Screen Shot and Information
SQUARK is a fast paced arcade game where the objective is to guide your marble through a maze in your quest to capture all the square grids. If you can travel all four sides of a square, then it will be removed from the game board. The devilish green marbles will try to stop you at every turn, so as the levels get higher the action increases. With 30 exciting levels of play, Squark is pure arcade action at its best... a must for the true gamer!
THESAURUS TANGLE v1.0 1943kb Download Thesaurus Tangle Screen Shot and Information
THESAURUS TANGLE is similar to our popular Topic Tangle game. However, in this quick thinking word game you're trying to discover the synonyms for the keywords before your time runs out. As the keyword appears you race against the clock to unscramble the synonym by dragging the letters into their proper slots. With thousands of synonyms and hundreds of keywords Thesaurus Tangle is a test of your lexical prowess, expertise, ability, mastery, talent and deftness.
TOPIC TANGLE v1.3 (Mac) 1895kb Download Topic Tangle Screen Shot and Information
TOPIC TANGLE is a fast paced arcade word game where you try to unscramble the mystery words before your time runs out. You spin the topics and then unscramble the mystery word which relates to it by dragging the letters into their proper slots. Once solved the topics spin again and again until the round is over. With thousands of words and over 160 different topics, your knowledge will be put to the test in this uniquely addictive word game. Can you get to the top of the Top Ten Scoreboard?
WALL-UP v1.0a (Mac) 1141kb Download Wall-Up Screen Shot and Information
WALL-UP is an arcade strategy game where you try to guide four marbles at once into the proper slots on the sides of the game board. As more marbles keep entering, you're in a race against the clock as the walls start to explode making it harder to direct them toward their proper destination. Gain extra points by getting your marbles to reach special bonus grids and other objects in your quest to reach the top ten high scores. With up to ten exciting levels of play, Wall-Up is a pure arcade strategy fun!
WORDMIX v2.2a (Mac) 1132kb Download WordMix Screen Shot and Information
WORDMIX is a fun and educational word game where the objective is to spell as many words as you can from the letters of a master word. There are over 150 master words that have all the solutions shown at the click of a button if you need help. There are up to five different scorecards for Wordmix, so the whole family can enjoy and record their own scores. A fun educational vocabulary game for all.

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